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Now that you’ve absorbed all the great training above, if you feel you’re ready to STEP UP and move forward with your business fast then apply now. My Intensive Programs are designed to help you get the guidance and RESULTS that you desire in your business.


 Forget Sales Copy - HERE'S REAL RESULTS 

Case Study: Sold Out Program in 7 Days (with no sales page, tricky tech, no list)

Case Study: Zero to 8k Sales in less than 30 Days

Daphne was super skeptical. She went on to sell out her program in 7 days and has already booked 6 figures this year.

Takima made $8,000 her first month working with me and landed her first $5,000 client.


Case Study: $100k In a Week! ( with just a handful of sales During Play BIG!)

Case Study: Over $300k in 90 Days! (She outearned her ENTIRE annual income During Play BIG!)

Case Study: $100k in TWO Weeks! (with a simple tweak during Play BIG)

Case Study: Her First 6-Figure Year! (In a brand NEW business!)

Case Study: She Sold Over $55,000 (In just 21 Days During Play BIG!)

Case Study: A $27,625 Month! (Just 3 weeks after joining Sales School!)

Case Study: MORE MONEY than she made ALL Last Year! (During Play BIG!)

Case Study: FROM $500 Clients to $$5,000 (Paid in FULL!)

Case Study: She Closed a $76k Sale (Her ENTIRE annual income in a ONE sale!)

Case Study: $48k ONE Month! (MORE MONEY than ALL last year)

Case Study: New Normal: $5,000 Clients Paid In FULL!

Case Study: She added another 6-figures to her business in under 2 weeks.... $145,000 to be exact During Play BIG!

Audrey Godwin, Positioned to Profit

$13,000 from a one day workshop with just 5 people in attendance. 

This is absolutely mind blowing and I could not have done it without the resources and training and solid, loving support I received!!!!!  

Audrey Godwin  


Doubled my last years income in the first 6 months of the year.

She pulled me out of hiding my gifts and genius. She's a master of high end sales, a moneymaking badass and so much more. 

Umoh Luna  


$7,000 in just a few weeks

We restructured my offer. Within weeks I got my first two high paying clients for $3,500 each as a health coach.

Peggy Rassmusen  


Struggling with Sales to My first $23,000 Month.

I cried for most of our first consultation together. Shameca is the real deal! if you do the work you WILL get the results! I invested made a decision and I WON!Thanks Shameca!

Shayla Smart 


My Sales Conversion rate nearly Doubled

After our first session, I gained a great deal of clarity around my message, developing my high ticket offerings and how to sell more effectively.

Wendy McClelland 


I'm charging 10x more for the same amount of work

Since My Power Day with Shameca, I’ve raised my rates and I have a process for Strategy session calls that allows me to confidently ask for the sale.

Claudia Cooley 


Shameca Knows How to Make Powerful High End Offers

Shameca Knows how to make powerful offers and create space for high end clients to say, YES! If you are not learning from her, you should.

Adam Urbanski


I've Transformed My Business

Through Shameca's expertise and guidance I have transformed my business. I couldn't believe the clarity I recieved! I've already doubled my income by implementing my new strategies.

Lynette Jones 


Made My Investment Back in Just 3 Weeks!

I appreciate Shameca's honesty and guidance all of which has led to my first ever five-figure Cash Sale for $12,000 Paid in Full! I made my investment back in just two weeks!

Tesa Colvin


$14,000 client as a photographer!!!!!

Thanks to Shameca, I've found the most incredible sales call method, have learned to be more bold that it's ok to follow my intuition, and I've had some incredible breakthroughs.

Melissa de Blok


 Even More Case Studies and Success Stories 

The Solution Isn't Making More Money,

The Solution Is to Make Money Faster

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